San Ángel

San Angel is the place El Cardenal  chose to set up its fourth venue in 2011, inside a beautiful old house from an Avenue christened “from the Peace” (de la Paz) by Porfirio Díaz, which many of the city’s inhabitants previously knew as the Tasca Manolo Restaurant.


The house had been shut for several years, but was subjected to a thorough restoration, allowing the recovery of its architectonic features and original materials for its safekeeping, while it was assigned to the exclusive use for eating quarters and placing other necessary facilities for the running of the restaurant outside of it. One of the outstanding features of this operational scheme is the kitchen’s facility allocation inside a glass-type-box room at the back of the house, which can be seen by our guests from different angles, hence the concept of an open kitchen can be fully expressed.






Av. de la Paz Núm. 32,

Col. San Ángel,

Ciudad de México



5616.5187 - 5550.0452

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Monday to saturday:

8 - 18:30 hrs.



8:30 - 18:30 hrs.

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